First Generation

1. Johannes KEIM1,2 was born in 1675 in France. He immigrated in 1706 to Philadelphia, PA. He died on 2 June 1753 at the age of 78 in Oley Township, Berks Co., PA. A pioneer settler of the Oley Valley. The Keim family first found refuge in Germany, at Speier in the Frankenthal, when the Huguenots were forced to flee France. Johannes Keim first arrived in America in 1698 at Philadelphia. He purchased land at the headwaters of the Manatawny, in the Oley Valley and then returned to Germany for nine years before finally returning to the valley in 1706. He built his home in the center of his land, in one of the richest black walnut groves to be found anywhere. This first Keim home was near Pikeville. The private graveyards are at the ancestral homestead. He was one of the petitioners for the establishment of Oley Township in 1720. His daughter Katherine Keim was said to be the first white child born in the Oley Valley in 1708.

SOME HISTORY: Johannes Keim, father of Jacob Keim, came to
America from Lindau, Bavaria around 1698. Keim left Germany
after the French invasion of the Palatinate (1688-1697).
Johannes immigrated through the port of Philadelphia.
He was the first recorded settler to stake out a claim in
the Oley Valley.

After making his claim, Johannes returned to Germany where he
married his first wife Katarina in 1706, and then he brought
her to Oley. Johannes had sixteen children by two wives, but
only nine survived childhood. Jacob Keim, born 1724, was the
youngest son of Katarina and Johannes Keim.

Johannes KEIM and Katarina DETURK were married on 15 September 1706 in Rhineland-Pfalz. Katarina DETURK1, daughter of Johannes DETURK and Hester KIP, was born about 1688 in France. She died before 1731 at the age of 43 in Oley Township, Berks Co., PA. There is much dispute surrounding Katarina's name. Many researchers have her as Catharine Moyer, while others have her as Bertha DeTurck, a sister of Isaac DeTurck. And the one I selected, Katarina DeTurck. Frankly Bertha seems odd, particullarly since the name hasn't been repeated with any descendants. There is also no actual birth record for Katarina as a daughter of Johannes and Hester. Kat and Johannes were married at Landau, Speyer, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany.

Johannes KEIM and Katarina DETURK had the following children:



Katarina D. KEIM.



Johannes KEIM.



Stephan D. KEIM2 was born on 28 March 1717 in Oley Township, Berks Co., PA. He died in 1807 at the age of 90. Married Juliana Weaver about 1737 and resided in Limerick Township. He was reported to be a large land owner.



Johann Nicholas KEIM.



Elizabeth D. KEIM.



Jacob D. KEIM.

Johannes KEIM and Maria Elizabeth BOLLER were married on 1 January 1731. Maria Elizabeth BOLLER3 was born in 1713 in Pennsylvania. She died on 2 June 1772 at the age of 59 in Oley Township, Berks Co., PA. Maria and friend Caspar Griesemer, were executors of Johannes Keim's will. Marriage also recorded as 24 March 1731, depends on which calander used. Reported died on the Gheer Farm in Oley Township. Also reported married second to Hans Yoder, a condition which appears to work. Her surname has been reported as Boller, which I believe is a misreading of married surname Yoder.

Johannes KEIM and Maria Elizabeth BOLLER had the following children:



Heinrich KEIM.



George KEIM.



Maria Catherina KEIM.



Barbara KEIM.



Susanna KEIM.



Johann Conrad KEIM.